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ICASiPM brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments in silicon photomultipliers, future directions, and most importantly, the standardization of SiPM characterization.

The effort to standardize SiPM characterization has become imminent due to the rapid improvement of SiPMs in recent years and its equally rapid growing user community. Only by standardizing measurement procedures will it be possible to compare devices from different producers and results obtained by different users in a meaningful way, thus considerably accelerating development cycles of SiPM applications.

We invite everyone interested in the standardization effort to participate in one or more working group before the meeting takes place. Each working group is tasked to prepare recommendations on their respective topic, which will then be discussed at the meeting. All working groups can be joined by contacting the respective convener listed here.

All recommendations will be published and be publicly available.

Although the standardization of SiPM characterization is a main driver of this meeting we welcome contributions that discuss anything SiPM related.

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